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gah! amazing.


By Maskull Lasserre, incredible wood-carvings from the Montreal-based artist, as part of a new exhibition, Fable, at the Centre Space gallery. It astounds me how each piece is composed of two objects. 

When the remnants of life are imposed on an object, and that’s true especially with the carving work that I do, it infers a past history or a previous life that had been lived, so again where people see my work as macabre, I often see it as hopeful, as the remnants of a life. Despite the fact that the life has ended, at least that life had a beginning and middle as well, so often by imparting these bodily elements to inanimate objects it reclaims or reanimates them in a virtual way.



Grasshopper Pull Toy, France 1930’s

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I am forever in love with vintage dissection models.


Two wooden anatomical figures 17th century

A pair of models with removable chest and abdomen covers. Some religious restrictions on dissection were lifted in the 15th century, which led to the wider study of anatomy, using models like these as extra teaching aids. Both figures show the heart and lungs. One shows a pregnant female with a baby in the uterus, and the other the kidney and intestines in a male.

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gah! drool.


More magical wooden brooches by Lauren Carney this way.


by: Kent Ambler

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yes, please.

by: Pepper Sprouts.

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How great is this?

by: OddFAUNA

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