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God, I should do an entire Judge Judy queue.

I am only impressed my important things.


Sampler (1818) worked by Sophia Stevens Smith (1804 - 1881).

Silk embroidery and paint on cotton. Embroidered in cross, satin, stem, surface satin, chain and knot stitches.

Cooper–Hewitt, National Design Museum 

Google Art Project: Home via Wikimedia.

(via artsyfartsyloser)

Beefranck is my president.


Gave that stitch a border. Stitches love borders.

Fantastic Cthulhu cross stitch sampler by: Disobedient Child

via: Mr. X Stitch

Mbmbam embroidery. by Laura Hartrich on Flickr.

This is beyond wonderful. Thanks for sharing it Beefranck!

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