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Rafi rampage.


Dear Mantzoukas - could you not?

How is this face even possible?

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T to B

He also said this in an HDTGM but now I can’t remember which episode… ambergoesclick unicornery or any other lovely people happen to remember? Might be fun to have audio of it.

Someone said, “This movie is just wigs, top to bottom” (or something, it wasn’t that specifically) and he goes, “T to B?”

Oh my god - A wig based mission. ON IT.

Also we need a Rafi/Tyra crossover IMMEDIATELY.

I feel like everything in my life has been building to this moment on my desktop.

I’m getting used to my new computer at work and I’m really worried about where I’m saving all my Jason Mantzoukas pictures.




Hey! Look what was buried in rafibomb drafts! LP and Zouks in Splinterheads. Who wears short shorts? 

Short-haired, beardless Mantzoukas is slightly unnerving though… 


I love that Sandy posted this THE VERY DAY we got to see short haired, clean-shaven Zouks on La Liga.

Is everyone else worried that he couldn’t talk about Glitter because someone slipped him an egg?

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