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People Who Vowed Not to Work with Pauley Perrette - How Was Your Wiki →

You guys know this is the most important page on the internet, right?

A very special reenactment of julieklausner on a citibike.


"How Was Your Manson?" Premium Extrasode: Jeff Guinn, Jake Fogelnest, Chris Spooner →

Obsessed. This extrasode is EVERYTHING. You guys, GET IT.

Now, sometimes James Spader wears a hat and sometimes he does not. He is UNBEARABLY sexy on this show, which is a statement I stand by. Sorry. I think James Spader is so goddamned sexy on this show and in general. I don’t care that the hair is gone, I don’t care that he doesn’t look like Steff anymore, he will always be Steff to me, he will always be the guy from Secretary whose name doesn’t matter because YOU ARE SO HORNY that you don’t care.

Julie Klausner speaks the truest words that have ever been spoken.

If it says Julie Klausner, I WILL REBLOG IT.



Nathan Rabin spoke to me for the A.V. Club about the Joan Rivers, Sharon Needles and David Rakoff episodes of HWYW. In the middle the interview I go and high-five my cat.

He did, and she was delightful.

These are the most amazing people and I’m really glad Spoony didn’t bleed to death.



Ted Leo, Chris “Spoony” Spooner and I took a class on Whiskey & Whittling at the Brooklyn Brainery for a video we showed at last weeks How Was Your Week Live. In this short film, we all get hammered. Please enjoy it.

How Was Your Week: Whiskey and Whittling (by Julie Klausner)

“Do you have a hunk of wood that needs a flat-top fade?” -Spoony

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