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this is ACTUALLY my favorite.

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Ah yes. The fish. The fish.

I still say this AT LEAST twice a week.

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This is the most educational book ever written. GROOMING.

NYO: You said there’s not going to be any dancing. Can it still be cabaret?
JK: I think of cabaret shows very much in accordance with the personality of the performer driving the vehicle. I think of Sandra Bernhard, or Bridget Everett. They’re entertaining personalities with whom you’d like to spend the evening. “An evening with” sounds silly. If, say, it’s “An evening with The Decemberists” or “An evening with Chris Rock,” Chris Rock will be performing at you. The Decemberists will be doing whatever the hell they do at this point. Probably singing songs about nautical artisanal jackets that people stitched from burlap, I don’t know.
NYO: Would you not go see that show?
JK: I do not want to see that show. I do not want to see The Decemberists sing about whatever you can buy at the Brooklyn Flea. I feel like every aspect of the Brooklyn Flea is the subject of a Decemberists song.

Jim Dow showing up on my Tumbls.


Jim Dow: American Studies

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Maria Bamford will self-release a comedy special recorded in her living room!

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