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Emmet Gowin

1. Edith. Danville. Virginia. 1971

2. Edith and Elijah. Pennsylvania. 1974

3. Edith. 1971

4. Edith. 1971

5. Family. Danville. Virginia. 1970

6. Nancy. 1969

7. Edith and Ruth. 1966

Emmet Gowin is the greatest.



My contribution to Gallery 1988’s Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Show, starting in NYC! (It travels to some more cities, but i am unsure of the details, you guys)

Opening April 19 …runs through 26th

@ 69 Leonard Street in lower manhattan.  (Right around the corner from the Ghostbusters Firehouse)

I love this so much.


getting there with the hair

That detail is PERFECT.

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Lara Odell. Cut-outs, 2013.


Drool, drool, drool.

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I love simple text embroideries!

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Textile art hand embroidered image of stone statue by yarnsandfabrics on Etsy

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This work is BONKERS great.

by: helene duclos

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