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Rocco helps me work on some Halloween cards.


Together For Soup

A bunch of my craftiness is showing at local pop art gallery ZaPow - if you are in the Asheville, NC area come check it out!

"I love wine. Wine helps me drink."


Here’s another sneak peek at the Joss Whedon tribute show that opens THIS FRIDAY from 7-10 PM at G1988 (West). This piece is from Andrew Scaife and is awesome!!

!!!!!!!!! (passes out)



This week’s most interesting comics on Mental Floss:

  1. Liz Prince’s wonderful new memoir Tomboy
  2. The official Bob’s Burgers comic
  3. 2000 AD’s Rogue Trooper spinoff: Jaegir
  4. Justin Bieber gets his kneecaps blown off in Pop
  5. Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 2
  6. A Kickstarter for a comic about a team of expendables in which that loses a member each issue

Read about them all here

#1 most interesting comic of the week according to Mental Floss.

WE’RE # 1! WE’RE #1!



Cammi Upton is an artist and self-proclaimed “cryptofluffologist” who creates awesomely detailed hand-embroidered movie monsters. Her process is incredibly painstaking, but the fantastically ghastly results she achieves groan growl howl speak for themselves.

I start by blocking out the piece in a few different colors of felt and then I cover the entire piece in stitches with sewing and embroidery thread. It’s an extremely time consuming process since I do it all by hand. I bring them with me everywhere in the hopes that I’ll get a chance to work on them!

Head over to Cammi Upton’s website or follow her Instagram account to check out more of her monstrous art and other works of Cryptofluff.

[via Make:Craft]

Holy jesus, I am in love.

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