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Anatomical ceramic sculptures by Maria Garcia-Ibáñez

Two of my favorite things - ceramics and anatomy - together in some stunning work.

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Pinky/MM Bass

I’m still a sucker for embroidered photographs.



OMUT naive capsule collection

Nastya Klimova & Liza Smirnova are the two designers behind this beautiful hand crafted capsule collection for OMUT, that features embroidered anatomical details.

Nastya Klimova

I actually gasped.

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Matthew Cox embroidery & Xray paper.


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Obsessed with this work by Lyndie Dourthe

found via: The Jealous Curator

It’s a Larynx Brooch! DID YOU HEAR ME? A LARYNX BROOCH!!

all the swoons.

by: yourorgangrinder

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