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Just remembered how much I need this t-shirt.


Country Recess Children’s Whiskey… Since 1889


The Emerald Dagger of Ka-Tok & Associates

Written by Donald L. Brampthorne and Kyle McCulloch

Beyond amazing.

God, I hope no one in NC has this license plate.



In my artwork I always use printed matter - discarded books, magazines, and computer printouts; the cultural debris of our information society.  The sculptures I create reference Eastern and Western icons and intellectual figures, thereby exploring cultural meanings and concepts. I always use text in my work and the content of the texts are relevant to my sculptures. My finished sculptures often seem to be wood or marble, though they consist of paper. They are constructed in such a way that the various parts fit together in a seamless manner.

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Theloderma corticale, Vietnamese Mossy Frog by Michael Kern


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hannibal made fun of machinedrums nasty ass shirt

"Find one shirt in the the crowd and attack it irrationally"

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