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Current phone lock screen / home screen.




Here have a bonus reaction gif too:


Strongest suit game in the biz

Strongest face game in the biz.

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I mean, the World Cup was great and all, but the best match in town this weekend has clearly been Paul F. Tompkins’ daylong interaction with a I assume troll, because otherwise UM! guy who is super upset that anyone might question the high art value of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Troll or no, this is glorious.

OH MY GOD this is the GREATEST thing I have ever read.

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Title: "My Blu-Ray" -Borat Artist: Comedy Bang Bang #229 476 plays


Ben Schwartz and Werner Herzog don’t appreciate Scott’s awful Borat reference


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Amity, as you know, means friendship. I would run for mayor against Larry Vaughn and I feel like I would probably win, because look how poorly he ran the beaches. People got eaten by sharks! So I would run on an anti-shark platform, and I bet I’d do pretty well.

Paul F. Tompkins describes what he would do in the movie Jaws on The JV Club (x)

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class up your blog with these transparent elegant balloons.


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Are those knives on your hand real?

Oh, they are.

Well that’s not allowed at all! - Paul F. Tompkins

(This actually is a true story, the guy that was stabbed survived.)

I love this bit so much.

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