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Guys, do you think Paul F. Tompkins has heard of U2?


Wait wait wait wait wait, I left for the day, this picture came out, and it’s not my whole dash? The fucks going on guys?

Such a perfect bunch of ridiculous garbage.

The Dead Authors Podcast : Chapter 33: Rod Serling, featuring John Ross Bowie →

YAYYY!! A reason to be at work!!



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"I’m filling in for regular host Scott Aukerman, who may be on vacation, or perhaps has been swallowed by a mythical bird! Either one is potentially true, and until I have confirmation that he has not been swallowed by a mythical bird, I’m going to count that as an option."


Everything about this thrills me.

Also, I have listened to that episode of Comedy Death Ray no fewer than  17 zillion times.


Debating get this made, or just tattoo’d on my chest so i could always be wearing it.

PLEASE. This NEEDS to be a shirt. Consider this my pre-order.

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