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This was the longest half-hour of my life.

Paul F. Tompkins, Go Bayside! ep. 38


H.G. Wells and Lewis Carroll. Photo: @jbscovel #deadauthorpod (at The Bagley Wright Theater)

Well this will be amazing.

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"It’s not called a king hat, sir. It’s called a crown. You know this."

That skull ascot may be my favorite ascot in the world.

You guys, SKULL ASCOT.

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Comedian and Speakeasy host Paul F. Tompkins answers our 11 Questions →

All the PFT


Space alien. Talking hot dog. AMERICA.
Tonight, 9pm, on Fusion.

We are all Yerd Nerp.

Masters of Sex's Lizzy Caplan Commands Respect - Speakeasy →

Lizzie Caplan is the greatest and I could listen to her talk about boobs and Party Down all day.

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