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GILBERT: 1965 JAMES BOND 007 Action Figure

The snorkel in his shorts seems about right.


MPC: 1963 Universal Monsters HORRORSCOPE Movie Viewer

How rad is this??


June 1968. “Launch a creative stitchery project — using wit and a kit.”

This is so beautiful!


Helge Hansen, exchange librarian from Denmark, sorting book trucks in Hawthorne, Calif., 1965

Published caption: EXCHANGE LIBRARIAN-Helge Hansen, exchange librarian from Denmark, looks over shelves of books in Hawthorne where he is learning county system of cataloguing, stacking, sorting, repairing.



Paula Harford, audio visual clerk working at splicing unit in film unit of Pomona Public Library, Calif., 1966

Published caption: LIBRARY WORK-Paula Harford, audio visual chief clerk at Pomona Library, works at splicing unit with some 450 films available to the public. Today’s library offers records, sheet music, slides and even player piano rolls for loan to a growing number of library patrons.

The Wizard of Oz, 1957 on Flickr.

vintage View-Master reels

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