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H.G. Wells and Lewis Carroll. Photo: @jbscovel #deadauthorpod (at The Bagley Wright Theater)

Well this will be amazing.

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Superego Tries to Record a Few Commercials with “Country Star” Shunt McGuppin


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Well I’ll be watching this over and over again for the rest of the day.


We’ve been known to do some really stupid jokes. This is one of them.


Superego - Shunt McGuppin

SHUNT you sexy sumbitch.

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This is possibly the most important thing you will see all year.


Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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This week’s most interesting comics on Mental Floss:

  1. Liz Prince’s wonderful new memoir Tomboy
  2. The official Bob’s Burgers comic
  3. 2000 AD’s Rogue Trooper spinoff: Jaegir
  4. Justin Bieber gets his kneecaps blown off in Pop
  5. Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 2
  6. A Kickstarter for a comic about a team of expendables in which that loses a member each issue

Read about them all here

#1 most interesting comic of the week according to Mental Floss.

WE’RE # 1! WE’RE #1!


April Richardson: So, your first episode of Saved By the Bell, what did you think?

Aimee Mann: Well…it was an…assault.

I love this podcast.

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